Sustainable worklife.

Become a Co-design team and help us improve your companys future and our product at the same time. You get AI and sience at your side, all the time. AI and sience that helps your team rediscover their own power and live their lives to the fullest. And when they get stronger they help their surrounding get stronger. By sharing their knowledge and learning from each others we can make the world stronger. Together



Becoma a Co-design team

Potential, challenges and future.

Human potential.

Man has been shown to have an unlimited capacity for development. Our physique, cognitive capacity and emotional development will continue to develop to heights that only the future can show. We generally see today that merely in a few months the human being can improve recovery by 30-50%. This often leads to better sleep, mental focus, better performance and increased joy of life. What does your future potential look like?


As an individual, I have a strong drive to develop in several areas of life: my career, my family situation and my interests as much as possible. I am a person who likes to set high goals and sometimes finds it difficult to get all the pieces together. When life changes, one or more areas often suffer, and I find it difficult to appreciate either myself or those around me. I feel like I can do better but don't know how.

The future...

Zmartrest is measurably a mirror of my current situation, my behaviour and my future potential. I see clearly what I need to cope with my desired lifestyle and goals. The AI COACH gives me direct feedback and guidance step by step to increase my possible potential to achieve my goal and at the same time feel a strong joy of life. We are currently looking for you who wish to be involved in taking AI COACH to the next level.

Are you one of our future Co-designers team?

Meet your future team.

By using our app, your team will gain full control over their day and their improvements. We give them a prediction of their future to reach goals and live their life to the fullest.


Predict the future of your team.

Zmartrest helps you understand the possibility of your teams future, with good strength, recovery, sleep, fitness and mental focus. Zmartrest's unique AI technology help build up their ability to cope with challenges in life and at the same time feel strong and hopeful for the future.

15-40% increased recovery.

We often see group results of 15-40% increased recovery. This often leads to employees experiencing less stress, increased creativity, productivity and a better working life.


Train your team members personal skills.

Zmartrest teaches you to understand your body's signals and develop your abilities such as sleep, mental focus, breathing and physical exercise to increase my overall resilience. This often leads to you being better able to handle your challenges, achieve goals, experience more power and joy of life in your everyday life.

Science & AI takes your companys behaviour to new levels.

Unique science & AI technology increase your behaviour and goals. You are given clear suggestions to train your and your team members sleep, mental focus, breathing technique and physique to take your personal goals to the next level.


Monitor your results.

Zmartrest teaches you to understand you and your team members body signals and develop your abilities such as sleep, mental focus, breathing and physical exercise to increase your overall resilience. 

"Our organization has used personal coaching with measurable tools with good results. It is now very inspiring and exciting to participate in the development of the new AI coach – a tool that will make a difference for the individual"

Annika Duvek
HR & Service Marketing Director, Holmgrens bil

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